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Réinventer les RH [Reinventing HR]

Réinventer les RH [Reinventing HR]

How to reconcile man and company, personal fulfillment and performance?

Author(s): Gilles Verrier

Publisher: Dunod

Date of publication: 2007

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This book pleads for a better way to “live and produce together” with a view toward reconciling the needs of individuals and companies. In the first section, the author cites numerous analyses and surveys to create an understanding of the source and the expression of the growing malaise that the French appear to feel at work in recent years. There is relatively broad agreement concerning the existence of this malaise, and the figures are certainly edifying, and even alarming. However, rather than merely predicting disaster, Gilles Verrier attempts to draw helpful conclusions on how to improve people management practices. In particular, he rejects avoidance behaviors typically used to pass the buck, e.g. “I’m not a psychiatrist