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One must listen if one wishes to be listened to.La Rochefoucault

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Organisation 2.0

Organisation 2.0

Trust, a key success factor for communities of practice.

Author(s): Martin Roulleaux Dugage

Publisher: Editions Eyrolles

Date of publication: 2008

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Although this book primarily focuses on collaborative business structures, and particularly on the highly effective networks constituted by communities of practice, it also provides abundant thinking on how to develop trust in organizations. For Martin Roulleaux Dugage, this is a fundamental starting point. Indeed, without trust, how is efficient collaboration possible? How to discuss complex experiences and share tacit knowledge? How to do more than just follow orders, and be truly creative and committed to a company? In particular, three chapters are devoted to the foundations of trust (Chapter 2), how to build trust through collaboration (Chapter 3), and the defining conditions of trust in communities of practice (Chapter 5). For those interested in the details of how to set up and manage a community of practice, Chapter 6 will be a gold mine.