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Manager les situations difficiles [Managing delicate situations]

Manager les situations difficiles [Managing delicate situations]

Winning attitudes to cope effectively with crisis situations.

Author(s): Emmanuelle Tran Thanh Tam, Tea Lucas de Pesloüan

Publisher: Les Editions d'Organisation

Date of publication: 2004

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How to keep a difficult situation--accident, NGO accusation, industrial relations tension, etc.--from degenerating into a real crisis? The authors of this book underline that the first step is to develop an awareness of the blinders that prevent companies from recognizing the warning signs. The first part of this book is thus devoted to all of the ""good reasons"" that companies often find themselves suddently overwhelmed by situations to which they could have reacted earlier or differently and thus kept them from escalating. Many well-supported instructive examples are cited to provide lively illustrations of this point, namely, Coca-Cola in Belgium, Club Med, Ford, Buffalo Grill, etc.
Once the stage is set, the authors offer many practical tips, both on preparing the organization for a crisis and on how to react when an incident occurs. They manage to combine a list of principles and guidelines with numerous practical checklists and quizzes, such as eight questions to assess potential media interest in a given type of scandal.