Making Telework Work

Making Telework Work

The success factors in managing geographically dispersed teams.

Author(s): Evan H. Offstein, Jason M. Morwick

Publisher: Davies Black

Date of publication: 2009

Manageris opinion

Delocalized teams, working from home, flex time--the authors observe that technological advances have accelerated the spread of telecommuting arrangements. However, they argue, technological breakthroughs are not a panacea, and can be disappointing, especially if companies believe that technology alone is enough to enable telecommuters to work exactly as they used to do at the office.
Indeed, the challenge of managing teleworkers largely surpasses the issue of implementing the best collaborative tools. Telecommuting requires redefining leadership practices. In this book, the authors thus lay out the conditions for the success of telecommunication arrangements. They start by providing a detailed description of the new habits teleworkers must acquire to manage the distance from their superiors and colleagues. They then underline the classic traps and errors to avoid. Based on voluminous feedback, they also glean some best practices from those who have fully mastered the art of managing teleworkers. This book offers a wide range of useful advice.