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Make Your Workplace Great

Make Your Workplace Great

How should companies adapt existing management practices to respond to employees' expectations and concerns?

Author(s): Steven J. Stein

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Date of publication: 2007

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This book offers interesting facts to decipher the recent trends, ambiguities and sources of discontent in the workplace. Based on extremely detailed global survey findings, the thinking is structured into two parts. The first cites fundamental observation and shows how basic social trends call for adaptation of existing management practices. The second is action oriented and is intended to be applied by all managers, regardless of their hierarchical level. The major virtue of this book is that it provides quantitative data on how employees experience companies today. It goes beyond obvious and often misleading conclusions to unveil the key organizational and human drivers that companies can utilize to address compensation issues, career development options, the decline of quality of life in the workplace, etc. The international comparisons are also extremely instructive.