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Les nouveaux horizons RH (in French)

Les nouveaux horizons RH (in French)

How to exploit the opportunities offered by Corporate Social Networks (CSN)?

Author(s): Alexandre Pachulski

Publisher: Diateino

Date of publication: 2012

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HR players are often dubious about Corporate Social Networks (CSN) and do not always know how to capitalize fully on the possibilities offered by the Web 2.0. Alexandre Pachulski paints a picture of the opportunities that HR departments can no longer afford to ignore in order to simultaneously manage talent, ensure lasting performance and make employees happy.

The author lucidly and transparently analyzes the challenges often encountered by business organizations when setting up CSN. Two main pitfalls should be avoided, namely, expecting the CSN to turn a very hierarchical organization into a collaborative one and believing that it is entirely up to employees to keep the CSN going without management support. On the other hand, the CSN can reasonably be expected to foster a sense of belonging to the company, facilitate information sharing and interactions, and equip access to new ideas. The CSN is thus a good vehicle to help HR players play their change management and talent development role more effectively.

Training is also affected by 2.0 technologies, which make social learning possible. This in turn by allows learners to become active participants in their own development, because learning takes place through discussion and collaboration.

A book that summarizes very recent studies and makes CSN objectives understandable without oversimplifying the challenges, by taking an enlightened look at the opportunities and difficulties represented by CSN for HR players.