Les expert(e)s dans l’entreprise

Les expert(e)s dans l’entreprise

How to best manage experts who are not bound for managerial functions.

Author(s): Claire Lauzol, Anne-Marie Jonquière

Publisher: Maxima

Date of publication: 2015

Manageris opinion

[Experts in the Workplace]

How should you manage your experts who are not bound for managerial functions? How can you orchestrate their progression within the company, and allow it to make the most of their knowledge? This in-depth book draws on detailed feedback from major organizations that have set up expert pipelines (Lafarge, Thales, Air Liquide, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission). In particular, it describes how these organizations structured their expert career paths. It includes various testimonials regarding both the key factors of success and the pitfalls to be avoided. The book also devotes a large amount of space to the theme of the manager of experts: their role, their challenges, the ways in which they would be wise to adapt their management.

A valuable source of inspiration and examples.