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Le stress au travail [Stress at Work]

Le stress au travail [Stress at Work]

A complete review of the professional stress, in terms of the causes, consequences and coping strategies.

Author(s): Patrick Légeron

Publisher: Odile Jacob

Date of publication: 2001

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This book paints a panoramic picture of professional stress, in terms of its causes, its consequences and strategies to cope with it. This very complete and well-documented work is written in a concise style that is pleasant to read, and often illustrated with real-life situations. Depending on your areas of interest, you may choose to jump straight to one of the book’s four sections:
- To gain a better understanding of what generates stress and why it is inevitable in companies, part one lists the multiple causes of stress in working life. Although nothing in this section is earth-shattering news, it nonetheless paints a striking picture and incites response.
- Part two follows well upon the first section, as it explains the biological and psychological mechanics of stress. You will understand why stress stimulates performance up to a certain point, then becomes destructive thereafter.
- For those who might still not know what havoc stress wreaks, part three underlines the negative consequences of excessive stress, in terms of psychosomatic problems and cost to the company.
- Part four is where you will find recommendations for responding to this issue. Chapter 16 emphasizes the responsibility of
companies and how they can help reduce the stress of their employees. Chapters 17 to 20 offer individual strategies for
managing stress and reinforcing resistance to stress.