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Le storytelling en action (in french)

Le storytelling en action (in french)

An analysis of the influential power of storytelling, using real-life examples.

Author(s): Olivier Clodong, Georges Chétochine

Publisher: Editions d'Organisation

Date of publication: 2009

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In this book, Olivier Clodong and Georges Chétochine dissect the mechanisms that make storytelling such an effective tool of influence. Based on numerous examples taken from the world of politics (Barack Obama, George Bush, Abdoulaye Wade in Senegal, Marc Ravalomanana in Madagascar), brand marketing (Chanel, World of Warcraft, Twilight), business (Danone, 3M, IBM, HSBC), and great humanitarian causes (animal rights, microcredit, etc), the authors identify how we can influence others with well-told stories.
The first two parts, which expand upon a long series of highly detailed real-life situations, serve to prove the immeasurable effectiveness of storytelling, while explaining the phenomena at work. The authors continue in part three by offering a relatively unstructured toolkit from which leaders can draw at will to improve their storytelling skills.
This is a book to be read more for its extremely lively and well told examples than for its explicit conclusions.