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Le manager est un psy [The manager is a shrink]

Le manager est un psy [The manager is a shrink]

The authors, corporate consultants and organizational psychologists, present an overview of the psychological dimension of the managerial role.

Author(s): Jean-Luc Emery, Eric Albert

Publisher: Editions d'Organisation

Date of publication: 1998

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The importance of the psychological dimension of the managerial role.
This book, written in a simple and effective style, is somewhere between a practical guide and a descriptive list of the concerned phenomena. The authors thus cover the psychological aspects of key managerial duties, with a particular focus on the ability to manage change, in behavior and attitude, in oneself and in others. They make a relatively detailed study of the recruiting interview and training skills, for example.

In each instance, they describe the psychological mechanisms at play, based on many concrete examples, and underline the importance of qualities such as empathy, interpersonal communication, emotional control, etc. In doing so, they deliver the keys to help managers do their jobs more effectively.

This book will be appreciated for the general overview that it offers on this issue. Those who would like to take concrete initiatives may want to deepen their knowledge on various aspects with more specialized books which cover the practical implications in greater detail. For example, to find out more about learning new behaviors, ""Overcoming Organizational Defenses"" is recommended, and ""Emotionnal Intelligence at Work"" is an extremely instructive book on emotional intelligence in the workplace.