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Le Management augmenté (in French)

Le Management augmenté (in French)

How can you take (or keep) control over your development plan so as to develop the critical know hows that tomorrow's managers will need.

Author(s): Dominique Turcq

Publisher: Boostzone Institute

Date of publication: 2013

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In our fast-changing world, how will management evolve over the next decade? The futurist Dominique Turcq shares original thinking on this topic, offering a wealth of concepts and concrete recommendations.

He makes the observation that managers have trouble coping with the rapid changes which have affected our society. They are confronted with an overabundance of information, pressure to take quick action, loss of meaning, and a sense of losing control over their environment.

The fact that the business world lags far behind the general public bridles its ability to adapt. Our personal computers and applications are more powerful than those provided by the company; corporate social networks, when they exist, are still just getting started, while we are constantly interacting on private social networks. We exchange cooking recipes, videos with those close to us or even with total strangers, but we don’t have the reflex to share best work practices. The challenge consists, at the very least, in getting companies up to speed!

This twofold observation would be fatalist if the author did not pick out the eight types of knowledge to help “augmented managers” find some room to move and adapt in complex environments and to develop people. One type of knowledge, that of the “Curator,” involves creating value through knowledge management - that is, the ability to identify and share relevant information without generating what the author calls infobesity! In the era of big data, we can easily understand the importance of this challenge.

An excellent incitation to take back control of your development plan and practice the 8 competencies to become an “augmented manager!”