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Le Design Thinking par la pratique

Le Design Thinking par la pratique

The application of Design Thinking, described in detail through the case study of the Lapeyre brand.

Author(s): Florence Mathieu, Véronique Hillen

Publisher: Eyrolles

Date of publication: 2016

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[Design Thinking through practice]

Thinking of implementing Design Thinking? Numerous books discuss this approach to innovation which is based on in vivo observation of end users to identify their needs and ensure, through constant prototyping, that new solutions meet these

The originality of this book lies in the fact that it shows the whole approach through a detailed case study. We thus follow step by step Lapeyre’s team, in charge of creating an innovative piece of bathroom furniture for the elderly. Each step is described in detail, from the development of a direct relationship with targeted end users in order to gather a direct insight into their situation—usage context, constraints, expectations—to the generation of ideas, to the prototyping phase, and finally to manufacture. For each phase, the authors share the dilemmas and obstacles encountered by the teams, and the methods and tools used to solve them. Without pretending to be exhaustive, they highlight how each tool contributes to the process of innovation. For example, they describe in great detail the ethnographic study conducted at the beginning of the project; they demonstrate how it helped the teams to be both creative and pragmatic during the gestation of idea phase.

This book is structured into short, powerful texts, with a fresh and graphic layout that facilitates reading.