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L'entreprise mobile [The Mobile Company]

L'entreprise mobile [The Mobile Company]

The impact of technologies on organizational environments.

Author(s): Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts

Publisher: Pearson

Date of publication: 2008

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“L’entreprise mobile” [“The Mobile Company”] presents the findings of three years of research on the impact of mobile technologies – cell phones, laptops, wireless networks, etc. – on our organizational environments, based on quantitative and qualitative surveys conducted by the HEC-Toshiba ""mobility and organization"" chair. This book is based on a wealth of data and testimonials concerning how these new tools are experienced from day to day, as well as their related advantages and disadvantages. The author distinguishes between two types of objectives: for the organization vs. for the individual. This book also stands out by virtue of the stance taken by the author, who is neither overly enthusiastic or overly alarmist about the new technological era, and who tries to stick to the facts, which he shares in detail with readers.