How to Manage in a Flat World

How to Manage in a Flat World

How to mature as a manager in new work environments marked by the omnipresence of communication tools?

Author(s): Susan Bloch, Philip Whiteley

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Date of publication: 2007

Manageris opinion

With a simple click, the world seems to be at our fingertips. The omnipresence of increasingly sophisticated communication tools fools us into thinking that it is easy to communicate with anyone, anywhere, making face-to-face communication secondary. Yes, but... Susan Bloch and Philip Whiteley also underline the traps of this façade of facility. They describe six strategies in detail to help managers find their way in these new work environments. How can you use technology more effectively to stay in contact with colleagues? How can you preserve an acceptable work-life balance by maintaining a minimum of separation between the private and professional spheres? How can you maintain team engagement, regardless of where the members are located? This book is both pragmatic and supported by concrete case studies to guide managers through their first steps into the "virtual" world of telecommuting.