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Grow Your Own Leaders

Grow Your Own Leaders

Many practical advice to ensure the development of the future company leaders.

Author(s): William Byham, Matthew Paese, Audrey Smith

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Date of publication: 2002

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Why should a company care about the development of its future leaders? How should it proceed? This book contributes some answers to these questions. Authored by three consultants specialized in leadership development, it inevitably does some promoting of the methodologies of the firm to which they belong. But when discussing a subject that easily lends itself to banalities and hollow speeches, the book deserves credit for staying concrete, offering a lot of practical advice, and supplying readers with many helpful tools (checklists, assessment tools, etc.) to implement these recommendations.
The key features of the approach proposed by the authors are explained in chapter 2, which can be read as a good summary of the principles of the book. To quickly get into the practical aspects of implementation, we suggest going quickly to chapter 5, dedicated to the methods for detecting managers with the greatest aptitude for leadership, as well as chapters 10 to 13, which show various ways to accelerate the development of these abilities (choice of positions, training, use of coaching, etc.). Chapter 17 also abounds in concrete advice to increase the chances of establishing a successful leadership development program.