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Get Lucky

Get Lucky

Luck doesn’t always happen by chance. What are the key competencies to develop to attract luck and good fortune?

Author(s): Thor Muller, Lane Becker

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Date of publication: 2012

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Entrepreneurs and founders of a start-up, the authors of this book are convinced that luck can be developed. This view is supported by their personal experience and what they have observed in the corporate world. Based on successes that appear to be completely haphazard, they show that eight key competencies have made favorable events possible.

One of these is the ability to facilitate interactions. Pixar’s success is thus due in part to the way the company’s offices are designed! The central Atrium houses all functional services and thus fosters informal meetings and encounters between developers and creative staff, rather than confining them to separate wings.
The authors also encourage developing a network of contacts, investing time in preparation, developing the ability to diverge from plans, etc. The great variety of examples is helpful in identifying potential initiatives which can be easily transposed to any type of organization.

The traditional bibliography has been replaced by a “serendipiography” that refers readers to books, sites and videos that complement the cited references and encourage readers to find new sources