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Freedom, Inc.

Freedom, Inc.

Turn the freedom conferred upon employees into a performance driver for the company.

Author(s): Isaac Getz, Brian M. Carney

Publisher: Crown Business

Date of publication: 2009

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Whether in the political, economic, family or leisure sphere, we all seek the means to act and make decisions freely. Yet, this liberty too often escapes us in the world of business. We find ourselves hobbled by an oppressive hierarchy or micro-management. In this book, Isaac Getz and Brian Carney show us that the freedom conferred upon employees is one of the main performance drivers available to companies today. Trusting employees, giving them breathing room and treating them as equals helps to make them more productive and effective—and happier at work!

This requires open and honest communication, because companies must not only share information, but also listen to their employees and integrate their contributions to encourage initiative and autonomy. This approach, which involves taking full advantage of the human capital of the organization, has been applied successfully by many businesses. This book retraces in great detail some of the biggest successes in this arena, such as that of Harley Davidson.

An enthralling read for any company executive or manager who wants to initiate cultural change based on human capital.