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Fast Strategy

Fast Strategy

How does accelerated change impact company performance?

Author(s): Yves L. Doz, Mikko Kosonen

Publisher: Wharton School Publishing

Date of publication: 2008

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In this book, Yves Doz and Mikko Kosonen develop their thinking on the impact of accelerated change on company performance. Indeed, many management reflexes and organizational practices, they tell us, were designed and optimized to respond to relatively stable competitive environments. However, this stability is now becoming the exception rather than the rule. Markets, competitive dynamics and technologies often shift before carefully-designed strategies have time to produce results. Companies must consequently learn to redefine their strategy and reorganize as quickly as markets shift in order to continue growing. Even so, this must be done without changing direction like a weathervane or breaking the momentum of the business.
“Fast Strategy” is not about change management or pure strategy. It describes a general approach to building all dimensions of businesses to ensure that change is not experienced as a disturbance to the normal course of business, but rather as a natural, recurrent part of company life. This approach is supported by three pillars: hone the ability of the organization to decipher changes in the ecosystem in order to adapt strategy in real time