Faire face à l’inconnu

Faire face à l’inconnu

A selection of articles from the Harvard Business Review on uncertainty and risk.

Author(s): Harvard Business Review France

Publisher: Prisma Media

Date of publication: 2021

Manageris opinion

[Facing the Unknown]

How can you adapt your organization to a turbulent context, one marked by permanent uncertainty, in which nothing takes place as planned? In this book you will find a selection of the Harvard Business Review’s best articles on uncertainty and risk, covering a wide variety of subjects: reinforcing the conditions enabling faster recovery after a crisis, rethinking your risk management model to adapt it to an uncertain and unstable context, developing “planned opportunism” to seize the new possibilities offered by a disruption within your market… The selection provides a good overview of the new challenges linked to uncertainty, complete with keys to tackling them, combining models, tools and case studies from a wide range of sectors.