Ecological Intelligence

Ecological Intelligence

The author points out the urge for managers to refine their knowledge of the energy balance of their activities.

Author(s): Daniel Goleman

Publisher: Broadway Books

Date of publication: 2009

L'avis de manageris

In this book, Daniel Goleman attempts to lay the foundations of what he terms ecological intelligence, namely, the collective capacity to work together to create a more sustainable world. Building on new trends in industrial ecology, he points out that managers must refine their knowledge of the energy consumed by their businesses by analyzing the lifecycle of the goods and services offered (chapter 3). He also underlines the need to reduce the information imbalance between producers and consumers, and cites the fascinating example of the comparative ecological information website GoodGuide (chapters 6 and 7). Finally, he successfully draws upon the teachings of cognitive science and marketing research to recommend ways to better communicate with consumers on these topics (see chapter 12 in particular). An interesting and engaging book.