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When two forces unite, their efficiency double. Isaac Newton

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How to turn a product into a “blockbuster?"

Author(s): Adrian J. Slywotzky, Karl Weber

Publisher: Crown Business

Date of publication: 2011

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Why is it that the iPod is so successful, while the Sansa hardly made a ripple on the mass market, even though the design  and features of these two products are strikingly similar? Likewise, why did the Toyota Prius become so popular while the Honda  Civic hybrid lags far behind; and why does Facebook continue to dominate while MySpace is already obsolete? This book explores  the reasons for this unequal popularity. What do the companies that produce blockbusters do better than their competitors?
Based on detailed analyses, the authors retrace the obstacle course run by development teams to trigger the demand needed to transform a product into a blockbuster success. The authors identify seven key questions which are carefully answered by the most successful innovators, and which structure their work. Among these questions: Is my product merely good or absolutely magnetic? At what pace do we plan to we improve the offering? How can we integrate the fact that all our customers are different? The result is an intriguing book recommended to any executive involved in developing new products
or services.