Coacher les émotions

Coacher les émotions

How can you help your team members to take advantage of their emotions?

Author(s): Daniel Chernet

Publisher: Eyrolles

Date of publication: 2016

Manageris opinion

[Coaching Emotions]

Emotions are omnipresent in the workplace. But few managers are trained to react to them. And yet, helping one’s team members to handle their manifestations and take advantage of them is invaluable, as much so for individual well-being and engagement as for collective effectiveness.

This book provides some keys to do this. The author, a trainer and supervisor of coaches, accompanies us step by step in the practice of coaching emotions. The first part shows how emotions manifest themselves. It presents the way in which a manager-coach can help their teams. It also reminds us of the limits of this exercise: the manager-coach is not a therapist. In the second part, the author discusses the major emotions of fear, anger and sadness. He details the pitfalls confronting a manager wishing to help an employee in their hold, as well as the mechanisms for escaping their grasp. A third part deals with the cumulative process of certain emotions. Here we discover the notions of “psychological stamps” and of “emotional rubber bands”, which explain that it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between past and present emotions and that some team members suddenly “snap”. Finally, a last part deals with the coach’s posture when facing positive emotions: joy, desire, hope.

A very complete book, mostly intended for professional coaches, but accessible and instructive for managers wishing to develop their competencies in this field.