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Being The Boss

Being The Boss

A guide to help managers analyze and develop their management skills

Author(s): Linda A. Hill, Kent Lineback

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

Date of publication: 2011

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For many years, the authors of this book have studied what distinguishes effective managers, what they do and how they do it. They start with the observation that the life of the manager is fraught with dilemmas. The everyday reality of managers is fragmented, or even chaotic. They are constantly confronted with new situations in which they can ultimately count only on their own judgment. Because, they underline, management is above all the art of exercising good judgment, where there are few ready-made answers.
The authors designed this book as a guide to help managers understand where they are in terms of leadership, and find directions and pointers to continue to grow and develop throughout their career. They distinguish three dimensions to work on, each of which is covered in a specific section of the book, namely, managing yourself, managing your network and managing your subordinates. The fundamentals are combined with practical tips. At the end of each section, a short self-assessment quiz helps managers explore how best to capitalize on this wealth of information.
A nuanced book based on an intimate understanding of the complexity of management.