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Leadership de transition [Transition Leadership]

Leadership de transition [Transition Leadership]

How to best support your subordinates in coping with continuous change?

Author(s): Alain Cardon

Publisher: Editions d'Organisation

Date of publication: 2005

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Continuous change is the standard today in business. Everything is transitory – organizational practices, work methods, products, IT systems, etc. Employees experience these changes as destabilizing and must make a continuous effort to adapt. For Alain Cardon, professional coach and recognized authority in this domain, one of the fundamental roles of the manager is to help people make the necessary adjustments.
The precept of the book is founded on a strong distinction: some changes are voluntary and handled well by those concerned, while others are forced upon them. Hence, the distinction made between two coaching methods – project management support on the one hand, and mourning support on the other. The book is divided into two parts covering these approaches respectively, which can each be read independently.
Each type of change can be broken down into four phases, covered in detail in a dedicated chapter with the corresponding support methods, i.e. conception, consolidation, maturation and distancing phases for project management support (chapters 1 to 4), reaction, remembrance, retraction and negotiation phases for mourning support (chapters 6 to 9). Chapters 5 and 10 summarize the evolution of specific parameters in the course of each process, e.g. how concerned employees perceive time, the types of relationships they maintain, what drives them, etc.