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The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people.Henry Ford

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The How-To of Hybrid Work

How to find an organizational model adapted to your business context.

Publisher: Boston Consulting Group

Date of publication: 2021

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Drawing upon lessons learned from the successive periods of lockdown associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, this article’s authors ask themselves: how can we preserve the advantages of remote working at a time when offices are reopening?

In truth, the benefits of this crisis period surprised all observers. For companies, these are manifested in the acceleration of a digital transition that everyone knew to be necessary, and a consistent, if not enhanced, level of productivity. For employees they frequently appear in the guise of a greater capacity for concentration, increased flexibility, and saved transportation time. The counterpart of these positive effects is increased fatigue. The number of meetings has more than doubled. 40% of employees report feeling overloaded. Exhaustion is looming.

The article suggests various models of hybrid organization to be experimented with, according to the corporate culture and labor market a given company operates in. And if there is one piece of advice to remember, it is to be prepared to make this model evolve, following a test-and-learn logic.

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