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Net zéro, les grandes entreprises françaises en ordre de marche

The leaders of major French groups share their experience of the ecological transition.

Publisher: BCG

Date of publication: 2021

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[Net Zero, the major French companies stand ready]

Decarbonizing your company’s activities... Yes, but how? The BCG’s consultants interviewed some thirty leaders of major French groups. An opportunity to provide a progress report on this gigantic transformation. How far along are they? What obstacles remain to be overcome? How can they mobilize in order to accelerate? The leaders of Thales, Eramet, Plastic Omnium, Renault, Air France, Michelin, etc., share their points of view and, in full transparency, their difficulties: ill-adapted regulations, customers’ timidity when the time comes to put words into action... A concise but dense report, which provides a candid overview of the main challenge of the coming decades.

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