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The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people.Henry Ford

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How to Do Hybrid Right

Implementing a work organization that takes into account not only companies' needs, but also those of individuals.

Author(s): Lynda Gratton

Publisher: Harvard Business Review

Date of publication: 2021

Read this article on the publisher's website [Harvard Business Review]

The post-crisis 2021 period is favorable to the implementation of a work organization that considers not only companies’ needs but also those of individual humans.

Using Fujitsu as an example, the author identifies four challenges to be met in order to achieve this transition: 1/ organizing positions and tasks according to the productivity levers that are the needs for concentration, energy, coordination and cooperation; 2/ taking personal preferences into account and helping people understand other’s priorities; 3/ rethinking projects and the management of workflows in their new complexity; 4/ paying particular attention to the issues of inclusion and equity.

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