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Future of Work : quelles attentes de la Gen Z pour l’entreprise de demain ?

What are the perceptions and expectations of the different generations with regard to their company?

Publisher: Mazars and OpinionWay

Date of publication: 2019

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[The Future of Work: What does Gen Z expect from tomorrow’s corporate world?]

Mazars and OpinionWay conducted this large-scale study to identify how the different generations see the corporate world and what they expect from their work environment. It allows these expectations to be factually ranked in order of importance. It also compares the results for generations Z and Y. This makes it possible, for instance, to observe that a flexible personal organization is a major expectation, and even more so—despite what is sometimes said—among Gen Y than Gen Z. One of the key lessons from this study is that one of the main challenges for tomorrow’s companies will be reinforcing the bond of trust and succeeding in offering both flexibility and autonomy, while also preserving the spirit of community.

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