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About Manageris About Manageris

The leader in action-oriented management insights



Specialists in the production of management insights,

we empower leaders to take a step back and reflect on key challenges,

and help multinationals to evolve their management cultures.

Since 1992, our editorial staff has been systematically reviewing major international publications in the field of management, and producing high-quality and concisely written insights to help managers and leaders take a step back and put new approaches into practice.

Manageris Synopses, available by subscription, examine two management subjects each month based on a rigorous selection of international publications. These synopses are read by thousands of executives in France and throughout the world.

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We design and deploy customized On-the-Job Learning® solutions for large corporations, with the purpose of evolving management and corporate cultures, optimizing the effectiveness of on-site training events, mobilizing people on company-wide strategies, deploying leadership models, etc... We have realized more than 60 deployments at Group-level , primarily for c-level stakeholders, human resource departments, and internal senior consultants in charge of organizational change initiatives.

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A team with deep experience in the business world

Trained to our high standards editorial standards, our writers and project managers share the same concerns and the same language of managers and leaders.


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An unique know-how

More than 20 years in the pursuit of excellence in our field has enabled us to gain the know-how and quality standards needed to meet the high expectations of busy and discerning executives.


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Firm beliefs

The distinctive quality of our content and insights is borne by a guiding principle :
"To be useful, an insight should make one stand back, be rooted in reality, and be accessible in the moment it’s needed. "


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Telecommuting is more likely to result in team conflict.