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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein

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Are you prepared for what's coming?

Are you prepared for what's coming?

Although companies are aware that the world is changing, few are really ready to deal with the consequences. What types of shifts could completely turn the business world on its head?


Our world is changing – that much is obvious. Technological innovations, new regulations, delocalization, social debates that foretell of changes in the economic landscape, etc. – every day we see signs of the transformations that are occurring in the business environment.

However, beyond these everyday signs, do we see the big picture clearly enough? Are we able to separate the underlying trends from the chaff of information that surrounds us?

We have consulted the works of authors who have specialized in exploring the future, and think about the environment that companies will face in the next ten to fifteen years. Although no one claims to predict what the future holds, all of these authors encourage managers to be attentive to the fundamental forces of change that could radically transform the rules of the game for companies:

– The talent pool will be more scattered geographically, and companies will need to manage informal networks as well as traditional hierarchical structures.

– Tomorrow’s companies may be faced with markets and competitors that are very different from what we see today.

– Tomorrow’s companies will have to learn to deal and cooperate with new regulatory forces.

– Tomorrow’s companies may find that the ability to manage uncertainty and instability is a decisive factor in their success.

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