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Conduct successful IT projects

Conduct successful IT projects

Despite heavy investments, few IT projects live up to their promises. How to avoid falling into common IT traps to maximize the chances for success?


In most industries, information systems have a big impact on performance, if only due to the huge cost involved! No less than $1 trillion is spent every year by companies across the world to maintain and develop their IT systems.

Despite this considerable investment, there are many disappointments. As IT consultants for over three decades, David Andrews and Kenneth Johnson, have had plenty of opportunities to see firsthand just how frustrating IT projects can be – with frequent delays, budget overruns, dissatisfied users, etc. Projects that manage to avoid all of these traps are rare.

“Revolutionizing IT” identifies a few simple, but essential principles that can considerably help improve the efficiency of invested resources and avoid potential pitfalls. Among these principles, we feel the following are particularly relevant:

– Be wary of monster projects. Instead, improve existing systems incrementally.

– Adapt project objectives to available resources, rather than the reverse

– Entrust responsibility for each project to a single manager. This person should be an operational manager very concerned by the project, not an IT specialist.

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