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Use your influence effectively

Use your influence effectively

An original slant on the mechanics of power and influence in business organizations.

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In any large company, everyone knows that the official organization – as manifested in the organizational chart, procedures, strategy and stated objectives – is often very different from reality. For example, when a new directive or strategy is announced, experienced employees take a step back. Where did this decision come from? Who initiated it? Depending on the answer, they decide either to actively contribute or simply bide their time until “the wind changes.”

The author of “Who Really Matters” provides an enlightening look at such phenomena. He then derives highly practical lessons on how individuals can develop their ability to influence the course of the organization.

– Legitimacy, more than official status, confers the power to influence the course of the company.

– If you have a strong legitimacy, you should pay careful attention to the signals you send to the rest of the organization.

– Moderate legitimacy doesn’t prevent you from exercising real influence, provided you develop your political savvy.

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